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Xah wrote:

• Usability Problems Of Emacs's Mode Documentation

If people think this is a problem, please perhaps file a bug report to
FSF. (Alt+x report-emacs-bug)

There are many diverse solutions on the web, but they need to become
part of emacs out of the box.

On Feb 25, 11:50 am, Teemu Likonen wrote:
> Why "please perhaps file a bug report" when you can do it yourself?

I already did. If you see this as a valid point, it'll help. Because, often, the emacs dev will just think Xah is this weird guy and can be ignored of his lone voice.

People always just fight than doing anything useful.

In the past 10 years, whenever i wrote some criticism on various lang or tech, the in-community retort “why don't you file bug report”, or “why don't you contribute code”, or argue non-stop about some philosophy or point of view. Usually, its not about the validity of the criticism, it's more about politics and piss fight.

In the past 2 years, i filed some 30 or so bug reports to FSF on emacs. I try to refrain opinion based reports or UI based ones, because i know these are controversial. Because otherwise the fuckheads will start to say i spam.

Btw, the result of almost all UI ones i reported are either put on the wish list or dismissed.

In this thread, there are already lots of arguments.

> In open-source world there is this thing called "scratch your own itch". If
> you scratch it well and produce good enough code it might even be
> integrated to Emacs upstream.

Shut ya pizza hole.

I recommend:

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