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> XL>>> Note that Rainer is a Common Lisp fanatic.
> ??>>
> ??>> Note that Xah Lee is a troll and an idiot.
> J> Which is better, a troll or a fanatic?
> there are different sorts of trolls. Richard Gabriel [1], for example, often
> wrote
> very controversial things, so he is sort of troll, but he is very
> intelligent troll.
> on the other hand, Xah Lee often writes very stupid things.
> it does not matter if you're troll or fanatic if you're an intelligent
> person
> and write sane things.
> [1]:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Gabriel

Note that it is I, Xah Lee, who started the article on Richard Gabriel. You can check and trace the history there.

Let me talk a bit about the history of that article.

I won't be giving exact, accurate details, but rather just write from the top of my brain in a free flow fashion, but from what i wrote here, you can easily verify, correct the details, from the info i gave, with my main contention intact.

I started the article in 2005. I don't recall what impetus made me... i think at the time i was fighting with some motherfucking unix geeking opensource software-stealing youngster Wikipedia fuckheads on some articles about unix, such as X-windows, unix hater's handbook, or the so fucking called “unix philosophy” or was it the article on “worse in better”.

So, just to give a show of these fuckheads what i know (but hiddenly, instill the concept of lisp and a lisp dignitary Richard G), so i started the article. One of the method i use, is to add “Inception!” as the edit comment, and typically the article will be laden with grammatical or morphological errors and only a few sentences.

Immediately, it had effects. The guy Marudubshinki there you see who editted after me, is at the time doing some fighting with me on some articles. Apparently, he didn't know who the fuck Richard G is, and of course i knew he is all aware that i suddenly created a article. (most of them being some type of watchdog, and most editor warriors is in high vigil on what their enemy is creating).

i don't remember if i communicated with the Mar guy some what, but he immediately grabbed the free downloadable book on Richard (his book on patterns (half of the book is his his personal history)), and “copied” it (with re-wording) and put it on Wikipedia.

I commented to him how good a job he did, and he was happy. (He actually did a good job. From someone who doesn't know the guy, to scanning large part of the book, and copy-edited pertinent info into Wikipedia. It was done in a few hours.)

That's how that article on Richard G started. The bulk of info in the current version is still from that Mar guy. Thanks to, umm, Xah Lee.


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∑ http://xahlee.org/

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