is emacs modernization means Microsoft Notepad?


On Feb 26, 12:57 am, Miles Bader wrote:
> There is ample room for people to discuss this evolution, but approaches
> that start with "first, toss out the existing user interface" aren't gonna fly.

Who said to toss out existing user interface, you?

Are you saying that i start my suggestion with “throw out existing UI”? If so, please point out where.

> Emacs isn't going to turn into a fancy notepad clone, regardless of what
> "modern" users may (think they) want...

In what way you imagine emacs is going to be a fancy Microsoft Notepad clone?

I've wrote the following suggestions on emacs modernization in the past 3 years:

• The Modernization of Emacs

• Suggestions on Emacs's Scratch Buffer

• Emacs's M-‹key› Notation vs Alt+‹key› Notation

• Emacs's Menu Usability Problem

• Emacs's Mode Line Modernization Suggestions

• Usability Problems With Emacs's Letter-Case Commands

• Suggestions on Emacs's mark-word Command

• Suggestions on Emacs's Line-Cutting Commands

• Emacs Should Adopt HTML To Replace Texinfo

• Emacs Should Support HTML Mail

• Emacs's HTML Mode Sucks

which item, in which article, do you think that emacs is going to turn into Notepad clone?

is the suggestion of using modern standard shortcut set of X C V for Cut, Copy, Paste, of which Linux uses, means it is turning emacs to a fancy Notepad clone?

Is fixing emacs's confusing undo and no redo, that is periodically bitched by programer in blogs, considered making emacs into a Notepad clone?

Is the suggestion for a statistics based ergonomic keybinding design that are more faster to execute, easier on the fingers, and easier to remember, mean it is turning emacs to a fancy notepad clone?

is the suggestion of getting rid of *scratch* buffer, and introduce a command “New” with shortcut Ctrl+n, that creates new buffer anytime anywhere, which lets user create multiple scratch buffers defaulting to any mode and compatible for the rest of Linux's shortcuts, means it is a fancy Microsoft Notepad?

is the suggestion of changing notation from C- and M- to Ctrl+ and Alt+, such that it reflects the lable on the keyboard, and Richard Stallman agrees may be a good idea, means it's Notepad?

is the suggestion of supporting html mail, and interface to gmail out of the box, means it's becoming Microsoft Notepad?

is it simply the fact that making things easier to use, means kissing Microsoft's ass?

Is the open source Firefox, and Google's extremely advanced technologies and easy to use applications such as gmail, google map, google earth, google code, all becoming Microsoft Notepad clone?

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