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On Feb 19, 10:17 am, Kaz Kylheku wrote:
> On 2009-02-19, maximinus wrote:
> > On Feb 19, 7:53 am,XahLee wrote:
> >> What a motherfuck.
> > What's the need for all the fucking bad language?
> Xah's boat from Taiwan ran aground in the wrong part of California, and he was
> put through a string of HHSL (hip hop as a second language) programs.

I found out today, that a Wikipedia article on the torture porn Cindy's Torment, has been removed. This is a story that sparked internet censorship in the 1990. I have now mirrored the article here: Wikipedia Article on Cindy's Torment.

• Wikipedia Article on Cindy's Torment

For some example of hip-hop vernacularity, used by some millions of people in their daily speech, see:

• Hip-Hop Rap and the Quagmire of (American) Blacks

The tech geeking morons, often claim that my postings are full of spelling errors. Though, often my online posting are sloppy, just like everybody else, fitting for such occasion and i haven't used a spell checker, but mostly it is these tech geeking idiot's English and linguistic ignorance. (the most often cited example is “programing” with a single “m”. If these moronic fuckheads actually would just look up a English dict.)

The thing about these tech geeking fuckheads is not that they are simply ignorant on particular subjects. If they don't know that programing can be spelled with single m, or other detailed matters of some particular subfield of linguistics, pragmatics, vernacularity, lingoes, jargons, journalism, etc, that's ok, because vast majority of educated people, including professional writers, grammarians and English teachers, are often ignorant of such esoteric subjects. (exception being the experts in such sub fields) Language are to be used, and if the writing quality fulfill its communication purpose reasonably well, it is good. However, the problem with this motherfucking tech geeking collection is that they speak as if they are the top experts; the type of loud idiots who are ignorant of their ignorance.

For more detail on this issue, see:

• Language and English

∑ http://xahlee.org/


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