which lisp to choose

Water Lin wrote:
> I am really confused which kind of Lisp I should focus on......

Rainer Joswig wrote:
> Common Lisp is fine. Get a copy of the book Practical Common Lisp ...

> Emacs is a simple Lisp dialect for Emacs scripting. It is behind the
> times in many ways.

> Scheme: Typically one can start with DrScheme and one of the Scheme
> books.
> But I would prefer Common Lisp .

Note that Rainer is a Common Lisp fanatic. He's been posting regularly in comp.lang.lisp since at least 1999, and it seems to me he does not know any other functional lang other than common lisp, but always trumpet Common Lisp in every aspect, and is often aggressive in his online behavior that you can often see he fight with other lispers too. I think he's retired in his 50s or older. Much regular posters in comp.lang.lisp are old. (majority would be above 40 i think. (I'm 40 myself.))

If emacs lisp is behind the times in many ways, which is true, Common Lisp is also behind the times in many ways.

If you really want to compare lisps in the context of computer langs, lisps in my opinion is pretty much obsolete. I'd recommend JavaScript, Ruby, Ocaml, Mathematica, over any lisp. I think that each of the lang above are superior with respect to the tech aspect. Also, each of the lang mentioned above has perhaps 10 times more programers than all lisps combined. (In the case of javascript, it's few thousand or million times)

You can start with some basic tutorial here:

Emacs Lisp Basics

OCaml Basics

JavaScript Basics

See also:

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∑ http://xahlee.org/

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