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Christian wrote:

On Mar 9, 1:22 pm, Christian wrote:
> XahLeeschrieb:> Of interest:
> > • Why Can't You Be Normal?
> > http://xahlee.org/Netiquette_dir/why_cant_you_be_normal.html
> IMHO the point that you never reply to responds is what makes it
> problematic.
> I have seen 10 or more threads started by you and in not a single one
> of those I have seen any sort of second post by you.
> Also the other thing that makes you appear like a troll is that the
> only posts where you are visible on the usenet are your own!
> Usenet is there for discussion. What you do seems to be mostly doing a
> often highly intelligent monologue and awaiting comment on it.
> Its not the purpose of Usenet. Simply calling you a troll is wrong.
> You are after all better than that. Though I think you are misusing the
> Usenet. For what you do you should rather write a weblog so people
> interested in your monologues could follow them in a place where they
> are by definition on topic.
> Christian

In the article you quoted:

contains this passage:

Some people says that i don't participate in discussion, and this is part of the reason they think i'm a so-called “troll”. Actually i do, and read every reply to my post, as well have replied to technical questions other posted. Most replies to my posts are attacks or trivial (of few sentences) i don't consider worthy to reply.

A few, maybe 10% replies to my unconventional posts, i consider having some value. But if i don't have sufficiently remarkable opinion on what they remarked, i don't reply. Also, if all i wanted to say is “thanks”, i tend to avoid posting such trivial posts too. (i used to reply by personal email in such cases, I still do sometimes now, but today that can be considered intrusive.)

if you didn't start your message with “IMHO”, which indicated to me that at least you are sincere, i would not have replied. (no offense intended) Btw, i'm not some kind of saint. You (guys) do whatever chatty style you want, i write or choose to reply in my abstruse & ascetic manners. Just don't accuse when my style is not compatible with your drivels. (insult intentional)

I have written quite a lot on netiquette issues in the past decade. You can find many answers about my reasons or posting behavior here:

• Netiquette Anthropology

Recently i started a blog that is collection of my online posts. If you need to talk about me, feel free to comment there. I am more likely to reply there for questions pertaining just me. The url is here: http://xah-forum.blogspot.com/

If anyone likes me to give answers particular to this thread, or desire me to reply to all the messages directed to me in this thread, i'll be more than happy to do so.

Also, thanks to many supporters over the past years.

Truly Your Superior,

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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