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On Jun 8, 11:59 am, Peter Keller wrote:
> In comp.lang.scheme Xah Lee wrote:
> > lisp1 vs lisp2 is not good. It's old shit. Forever getting people to
> > live in the old days of your lisp vs my lisp fight, in fact, not much
> > different from fights among today's major lang groups.
> So, where is your replacement for the jargon, the syntax, the idioms,
> the math, the language itself? Is there some 64 page document I can
> read which washes away the fields of crap that you see and imposes a
> perfect and irrefutable order upon it?
> If the answer is yes, I'd be happy to read and learn from it.
> If the answer is no, then start writing one.

happy to oblige.

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On Jun 8, 5:27 pm, Peter Keller wrote:
> George Neuner wrote:
> > Xah has a pathological hatred of jargon - it's best to ignore his
> > rantings about it.
> Ah. I see.
> Don't show him this then:
> http://catb.org/~esr/jargon/html/

btw, i have read the jargon file roughly from cover to cover during 1998-2000 period. That was a period when i was still learning unixes, fascinated by its history. I have also, read pretty much the entirety of documents on fsf.org or gnu.org as they exist at the time, and some other writings by Eric guy such as his bizarre and cathedral fuck. (i happened to actually read his Bazarre essay from cover to cover twice, with some criticisms on the logics of exposition, but never actually have written down.)

Today, i consider Eric S Raymond a asshole. Also, consider this snipped about jargons file, from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jargon_File :

«Eric S. Raymond maintains the new File with assistance from Guy Steele, and is the credited editor of the print version, The New Hacker's Dictionary. Some of the changes made under his watch have been controversial; early critics accused Raymond of unfairly changing the file's focus to the Unix hacker culture instead of the older hacker cultures where the Jargon File originated. Raymond has responded by saying that the nature of hacking had changed and the Jargon File should report on hacker culture, and not attempt to enshrine it.[2] More recently, Raymond has been accused of adding terms to the Jargon File that appear to have been used primarily by himself, and of altering the file to reflect his own political views.[3]»

The Eric asshole also tried to erect his fame by creating some hacker logo mother fuck.

The jargons file, 10 years ago or earlier, functions not only as a dict for tech geeker's slang and culture, but as well as a important technical reference on unixes and earlier technology. For the technical aspect, it is pretty much surpassed by
(which incorporate parts (or entirety) of jargon file)

But today, both are rather obsolete. Wikipedia by itself covers some 100 times the info on computing topics both in breadth and depth, cultural or technical. (Wikipedia, also incorporate freely of both jargon file or the FODOC, especially so in its early years.)

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