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On May 25, 10:35 am, LittleGrasshopper wrote:
> With so many choices, I was wondering what editor is the one you
> prefer when coding Python, and why. I normally use vi, and just got
> into Python, so I am looking for suitable syntax files for it, and
> extra utilities. I dabbled with emacs at some point, but couldn't get
> through the key bindings for commands. I've never tried emacs with vi
> keybindings (I forgot the name of it) but I've been tempted.
> So what do you guys use, and why? Hopefully we can keep this civil.

I use emacs.

If you never tried emacs, you might check out:

• Xah's Emacs Tutorial

• Xah's Emacs Lisp Tutorial

you can use python to write emacs commands:

• Elisp Wrapper For Perl Scripts

Emacs keyboard shortcuts is problematic indeed. See:

• Why Emacs's Keyboard Shortcuts Are Painful

However, you can completely fix that. See:

• Ergoemacs Keybindings

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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