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On Jun 11, 6:30 am, Wudong wrote:
> As the title says.
> For some frequent used command, I would first want to know if there r
> already a existed key-biding to that command in the environment before
> goes further to define one if there is not.
> Is there a way to find the key-binding for a given command in emacs?

one thing every beginning advanced emacs users should know is how to find out a command name given a keyboard shortcut, and vice versa.

• To find the command name of a keybinding, use the command describe-key (Ctrl+h k). This command also lets you find out the command name of a graphical menu or mouse click.

• To find the documentation of a command, or find its keybinding, use describe-function (Ctrl+h f).

• If you forgot the name of a command, you can use apropos-command (Ctrl+h a), which lists all commands of a given string.

• In any mode, if you want to see its documentation, use describe-mode (Ctrl+h m).

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