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On Jun 19, 2:32 pm, Kirk Strauser wrote:
> I just tried yasnippet today and see the potential, but I'm having a little
> trouble getting started. In particular, when editing a Genshi template with
> nxhtml-mode, the actual mode name is "gXhtml/genshi-nxhtml". I've tried
> creating my snippets in directories named with ever variation I can think
> of, like nxml-mode, nxhtml-mode, genshi-nxhtml-mode, gXhtml-mode, and
> others, but yasnippet still doesn't associate my snippet with that mode.
> Given the slash in the mode name, am I stuck explicitly defining that
> snippet in elisp?

did you reload the snippet dir? try the menu “YASnippet‣reload all snippets”.

also, there may be some confusion with a mode's names... the one displayed in the stat bar, and the value of major-mode while you are in that mode.

if you still have problems, the yasnippet google group is a great place to ask. Not many is using comp.emacs now. You might cross post to gnu.emacs.help, which is more active.

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On Jun 23, 7:46 am, Michal wrote:
> Hallo Group Readers!
> I have NO problem adding new item to the end of the menu. For example:
> (define-key c-mode-map [tool-bar csearch-forw]
> `(menu-item "csearch forward" csearch-forward
> :image (image :type xpm :file "/tmp/right-arrow.xpm")))
> But how to add it to be the first element in a menu?

there's a define-key-after.

• Modifying-Menus.html#Modifying-Menus

i vaguely recall there's also a define-key-before or similar, but can't find it now.

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