emacs's shell does not support the shell's keyword completion

On Jun 13, 2:33 pm, jida...@jidanni.org wrote:
> Completing command name...
> No completions of hist
> Completing file name...
> No completions of ali
> PD> Either type "history" and then RET, or create aliases and make them
> PD> known to the *shell* buffer in the file ~/.emacs_bash.
> What do I do?
> alias history=history
> alias alias=alias
> ?
> I am using the *shell* buffer in
> $ emacs -f shell
> instead of trying to use the remote readline functions of
> $ ssh very-far-away-and-slow.org
> Maybe I need to fool *shell* with a directory on $PATH fill of
> executable links with the same names as the bash builtins?
> touch bla
> chmod 755 bla
> ln history alias suspend typeset ... bla

not sure what's your solution.

anyhow, this problem is not difficult to implement. For me, i'd say few days full time.

• How To Implement Keyword Completion in Emacs

I've also been using this package in the 2 years or so:
it support command and file name completions.

;;; shell-command.el --- enables tab-completion for `shell-command'

however, it doesn't support bash keywords as in your message.

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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