emacs+w3m = slooooow

On Jun 19, 1:00 am, Thierry Volpiatto wrote:

> Note that on emacs version >= 23 you have to use the CVS version of
> emacs-w3m.

thanks for this info.

> > I don't particularly recommend it. The advantage is too trivial, and
> > the cost to install and maintain, learn, is a bit high. When using it
> > in emacs, it is actually some 2 or more times slower, than actually
> > using a full featured browser with graphics and css and javascript
> > all.
> Indeed, w3m in emacs is very fast. Faster than any graphic browser.
> You can interact with emacs easily. (many emacs extensions use it).
> When you need more features (javascript etc...) you can switch
> immediately to your graphic browser with "M".

humm? my experience is that it is much slower than a full featured browser. This was my experience on a Mac, OS X 10.4.x running Carbon emacs (based on emacs 22.x).

this is something we can test and verify to avoid the common online mis-info.
Maybe i'll do so again later today, but anyone who has w3m installed can easily check. Please report back.

i searched for my last message posted here about w3m. Apparantly i reported back than from my experience that w3m+emacs is some 5 times slower than a full featured web browser

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