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> According to Wikipedia, Erik has contributed significantly to emacs.
> ...
> I have become a emacs lisp programer since 2006. I recall, in 2007 or
> so, out of boredom and curiosity, i tried to check what code Erik has
> put in emacs. My check is only casual and not in anyway thorough or as
> research, but i recall, all i can find on the surface is one obscure
> lisp package, i think it was related to date time format. (much of the
> hand-waving in this article will be solidified or corrected in the
> coming months, as i find more time to search my archive or check
> facts)

On Jun 25, 7:11 pm, D Herring wrote:
> Erik authored roughly 176 emacs commits, most of which were small
> bugfixes. Not a prolific coder, Erik definitely cared about details,
> often cleaning up after RMS himself.
> # git-clone git://git.sv.gnu.org/emacs.git
> # cd emacs
> # git log | grep 'Erik Naggum' | wc -l
> 176

Thanks for the info.

I've update my essay on Erik on this and there some minor editing work on links, clarification, etc. Here's some of the more informative pieces on Erik.

* “Erik Naggum” (2009-06-20) by Luis Fernandes (aka elf). Source (Luis is one of the person in emacs community i respect, for his love of humanity. I think Luis is mostly known to public as the author of Emacs Logo.)

* “Erik Naggum, R.I.P.” (2009-06-24) by Kent Pitman Source (Kent is a major figure in the Common Lisp community, most well known for having co-authored many lisp standards or part of the design committee. He also post frequently on comp.lang.lisp for as far as i know over the past decade. (according to google, he's the all time most frequent poster there as of today (2009-06). He and Erik used to tie for the 1st or 2nd place over the years. Since Erik stopped posting in 2004, Erik's is now all-time 5th.))

* “RIP, Erik Naggum” (2009-06-21) by “Xach” (aka Zach) Source (Xach is a regular in the Common Lisp community. Of his commentary, he collected and sorted some of Erik's writings.)

* “My Dinner with Erik” (2009-06-26) by Ron Garret. Source (Ron Garret (aka Erann Gat) was a frequent poster to comp.lang.lisp too, most notable for his Common Lisp involvement at his work JPL. He is one of the person who got into fights with Erik. Some of the most abusive posts from Erik is directed at Ron. (Note: Erik has such standing with a number of high profile lispers too, including, for example, lead programers at Franz Lisp.))

* “RIP Erik Naggum (1965-2009)” (2009-06-27) by Rolf Marvin Bøe Lindgren. Source. (Erik's personal friend since highschool. This one is interesting because it gives some glimpse of how Erik is in real life.)

* Wikipedia. Offers some summary of Erik's works.

* Emacs wiki. Offers some summary of Erik's contribution to emacs.

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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