emacs file encoding: with-signature?

when using set-buffer-file-coding-system
(emacs 23), i get the following choices with utf-8:

Possible completions are:
utf-8-auto utf-8-auto-dos
utf-8-auto-mac utf-8-auto-unix
utf-8-dos utf-8-emacs
utf-8-emacs-dos utf-8-emacs-mac
utf-8-emacs-unix utf-8-mac
utf-8-unix utf-8-with-signature
utf-8-with-signature-dos utf-8-with-signature-mac

what is the "with-signature" mean? is it the unicode BOM marker?
and what about "emacs"? Is that the emacs 22's internal encoding system?

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I got the answer. Just do list-coding-systems and result will answer with short description. Basically yes to both above.

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