ergoemacs update

Hi all,

i just created a google group for discussing ergoemacs at:

Please join and post your questions, suggestions, complaints.

if you have a bug report, please feel free to post a issue at

also, just released a new version 4.3.10 for dvorak and qwerty. This new version features the following updates since last public release of 4.3.6 few months ago. Also, there's a new version for Colemak layout, thanks to “vockets”, “postivan”, Graham Poulter.

;; version 4.3.10, 2009-06-14 • fixed a previous/next reversal for f11/f12 keys in rcirc-mode-hook. • diff-mode uses some bindings in M-‹key› space. Fixed by adding a diff-mode-hook. (thanks to lwarxx)

;; version 4.3.9, 2009-06-14 • unbind C-x 3 (use Alt+@ for split-window-horizontally) • unbind C-M-% (use Alt+% for query-replace-regexp). • unbind C-@ (use Alt+SPACE for set-mark-command). • unbind M-{ (use Alt+U for backward-paragraph). • unbind M-} (use Alt+O for forward-paragraph). Thanks to marciomazza

;; version 4.3.8, 2009-06-14 • added 【】 to select-text-in-quote.

;; version 4.3.7, 2009-05-27 • ibuffer's M-s changed in emacs 23, such that M-s is now a prefix. For Dvorak users, M-s should be isearch. This is reclaimed to be isearch. For qwerty users, M-s should be other-window. Fixed.

2 weeks ago it was mentioned in hacker news

and there was a number of issues/ideas/suggestions posted at google code. I didn't notice the new issues until after several months (since afaik google code doesn't provide notices for new issues posted). So i thought a discussion group could be helpful now. Good for announcement of new versions, or any questions, discussions.

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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