lisp vs prolog vs haskell?

On Jun 23, 7:18 pm, Jon Harrop wrote:
> !!!@!!! wrote:
> > I'm not trying to start a flame war about which one is the best. Could
> > anybody explain me each of these languages features and strong points ?
> Common Lisp is strict evaluation, dynamic typing with macros (to rewrite
> code at compile-time) and run-time code evaluation. Was a pioneering
> functional language decades ago but has long since been superceded. Has no
> particular strengths today and, hence, is very rare. Main weaknesses are
> baggage, poor performance, bad implementations and a really backward
> community. The only notable development around Lisp for a decade is the new
> programming language Clojure that runs on the JVM. In particular, Clojure
> addressed many of Lisp's major problems by dropping the baggage, building
> upon a performant VM with a concurrent GC and stealing all of the
> intelligent members of the Lisp community.
> Haskell is non-strict evaluation and static typing. Is a research language
> used to implement many radical ideas that are unlikely to be of any
> immediate use. Main strength is that it abstracts the machine away
> entirely, allowing some solutions to be represented very concisely. Main
> weakness is that it abstracts the machine away entirely, rendering
> performance wildly unpredictable (will my elegant program terminate in my
> lifetime? who knows...).
> I know little about Prolog except that it was designed specifically for
> logic programming (i.e. solving problems by specifying relations and
> searching for solutions) and that some of our customers use it.

i heartily disagree.

In my opinion:

• lisp = useless old shit.

• haskell = useless academic shit.

• prolog = useless old and academic shit.

• Qi Lisp = Academically confined. Esoteric. Abtruse. Unreadible. Doomed.

• Clojure lisp = of little future due to competition.

• Mathematica = Widely used. Wildly successful. witness A New Kinda Science & Wolfram Alpha.

• OCaml = Widely used. Wildly successful. Almost all formal proof systems that are actively used are written in OCaml. And Microsoft giant's version of OCaml, the F#, with .NET, is about to wipe out the planet of imperative monkies.


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∑ http://xahlee.org/

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