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Xah Lee wrote:
> • Switching from Mac/Unix To PC/Windows
> http://xahlee.org/mswin/switch_to_windows.html

Kenneth Tilton wrote:
> You just discovered PCs are cheaper?
> The funny thing is that that is Microsoft's answer to the Apple Mac-PC
> ads, they show people shopping for computers and just comparing hardware
> and price as if this is some kind of breakthrough. But I understand:
> they have no answer to Windows being such a nightmare and the Mac being
> such a joy.

well, i've been owning Macs for over the past 19 years. From a dedicated fan thru-out the 1990s, to still fan in early of 2000s with debut of OS X.

Mac prices in comparison to PC has gone up and downs. In the early 1990s for example, it is maybe 4 times more. Lowest is probably in the mid 1990s, where 3rd party companies are licensed to producing clones, and that happens to also be a period that Mac OS is the worst, crashing few times per day, similar to Win 95 and 98. I think in the early 2000s the price gap came closer, and since maybe 2005 it start to increase again.

for someone like me, i've read all the pros and cons of Mac vs PC. I've read, for instance, basically all MacWorld and MacUser mags in the early 1990s until they become defunct. (and often MacWeek too) Not to mention the huge amount of websites, especially in the late 1990s where there are a number of high profile dedicated mac fan sites. I also have often attended the yearly Mac World Expo, eagerly antipating Steve Job's “O, one more thing...” etc... and etc and etc. As a hyperbole, i've prob read more Mac vs PC argument from newsgroup users combined. LOL

as to the price comparison... a better metric is value/price ratio. I think, over the past 20 years, the value/price ratio of Mac compared to PC, namely:


is going down, starting with Windows NT 4, and going downhill quickly with Windows XP, and Vista, .NET.

as far as SOFTWARE technology goes, Apple's falling lamer and lamer from its 1990s mountain top of lisps and hypercards and desktop publishing stuff. Microsoft Windows, starting from MS-DOS moronicity, today, with its .NET, F#, PowerShell, is quite beyond Apple's perpetual diddling with its prettification of OS X.

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