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Dear unixers & lispers,

i've been using Mac for the past 19 years, and been a professional sys admin or web app developers on the unix platform, since 1998 (maily Solaris, Apache, Perl, Java, SQL, PHP). In june, i bought a PC (not for the first time though), and made a switch to Windows, for the first time, in the sense as a developer instead of just a casual PC user i've been.

In the past month, i've spend about 5 hours a day digging into MS Windows tech, in particluar, read over 200 Wikipedia articles in detail related to Windows technology. (192 of them linked)

Here's a write up of the whole story, my experiences, including some tech introduction to MS Windows from a sys admin or programer point of view.

• Switching from Mac/Unix To PC/Windows

Some slightly noteworthy subsections are:

• Removing HP/Compaq Software

• Installing Cygwin Tutorial

• Mac and Windows File Conversion

• Unix And Windows File Permission Systems

• Introduction to Windows Scripting

Some articles (not shown above) are still work in progress, such as VBScript tutorial and PowerShell tutorial. Hoping to complete in the coming months or years.

comment & feedback welcome, esp if you are a Windows expert and answer some of my unanswered questions on the page.

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