why post on comp.lang.lisp

Don Geddis wrote:
> So, why do you post on this newsgroup, c.l.l? It's clearly for people who
> are interested in Lisp. If you're not, why are you here?


• Why do I Rant In comp.lang.lisp?

In the past, i wouldn't have answered your idiotic question, because it is off topic and all. But now i do, taking it as a chance to speak for myself. Why? See:

• How Shall I Respond?

On retrospect of the article “Why do I Rant In comp.lang.lisp?”, i ask myself whether i have achieved something about creating a book length collection of my ideas and opinions. I must say yes i have. For example, especially in the past few years, usually when i argue with the tech geekers online, i can usually pull out a collection of some 5 or 10 essays of my opinions or tech expositions on a some particular argued topic. For example of this, recent debate about lisp1 vs lisp2 in this very thread, i pulled out 10 essays about jargons:

• The Importance of Terminology's Quality In Computer Languages

• Jargons of Info Tech Industry

• Why You should Not Use The Jargon Lisp1 and Lisp2

• The Term Currying In Computer Science

• What Is Closure In A Programing Language

• What are OOP's Jargons and Complexities

• Interface in Java

• Math Terminology and Naming of Things

• Politics and the English Language

btw, your idiotic reply:
> So, why do you post on this newsgroup, c.l.l? It's clearly for people who
> are interested in Lisp. If you're not, why are you here?

is actually wrong, and is a common response to me in the past 10 years. People say that to me on Perl, Python groups, as well. I guess i could spend few hours now and write another essay focused on expounding this issue... and creating a addition to my essay collection. Not sure i feel like that now though. But to quip, why are YOU not interested in lisp?? if not, why r u here?? arn't u trolling?

Thanks for your troll, cause, without trolls like u, i wouldn't have the chance, the spur, to have created my essays in the past decade.

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