dont use Windows if you dont' like it

On Aug 2, 3:50 pm, Peter Milliken wrote:
> Just loaded Emacs 23.1.1 for Windoze and now my site-lisp.el file nolonger
> seems to run. I tried copying the contents into default.el (and placed it in
> the same directory as my site-lisp.el) but it doesn't seem to run from there
> either.
> No much in it - just some code to turn off the annoying tool-bar when Emacs
> comes up (why a tool-bar meant for people with a mouse fixation is included
> as the default behaviour for an editor like Emacs is beyond me - let the
> people who need mice set it up if that is what they want! Don't force the
> rest of us to keep finding ways to turn it off!).
> Just for the hell of it, I copied the default.el into c:/emacs/site-lisp -
> and Emacs appears to run it from that location - which is NOT where I want
> my personal customisations to reside!
> Nothing else has changed i.e. my HOME directory prior to starting Emacs is
> still pointing to where the site-start.el/default.el files are located.
> I did a quick scan of NEWS and Changelog but can't find anything relevant
> there (not that I wanted to spend anymore than 30 seconds looking).
> Am I to assume this is an unexpected feature i.e. bug in this release?
> Regards
> Peter

Don't call it Windoze. if you don't like Microsoft Windows , don't use it. If your company requires you use Microsoft products, then choose to work for companies that don't.

I don't know what's your problem. Why are you mucking with emacs setup? If you want emacs 23, do a fresh install, or compile. If you need your setup to still fuction, your elisp code should be written in a portable way, and you simply just copy them to your new emacs install. Dont think you hot and mix and match components and libs and complain. If you run into some elisp incompatibilties introduced in emacs 23, you need to tell what are the errors, or which function coughed.

amazing, Lin Dozers always tech geek and gets nowhere.

Cheers :)

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