emacs dired needs a overhaul

On Aug 5, 11:27 am, destino wrote:
> Is it possible to customize the information that Dired displays?
> I would like to be able to hide the permissions, owner, group, and
> date columns for so that it is easy to read in a narrow vertical
> split.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks!

i think that's good too. In my 10 years using emacs, though i haven't heard about some package that'd do this.

dired prob could use some overhaul in the next version of emacs. Allow user to set different views, much like modern OS's file manager. I should be able to say view it as detail (default emacs), or just file names, or view creation date, mod date, or customize any columns i might want to add/remove. Or, view as icons or thumbnails especiall for photo dir. (currently emacs can do thumbnail with tumme mode)

one FAQ is how to get dired to sort by different orders. Currently, it's rather lacking and difficult. Another faq is to get dired to auto refresh when folder content changed.

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