emacs info format for python/perl/php/ruby docs?

btw, is there still info format for python doc?

i feel kinda sad that emacs info format has pretty much been deprecated over the past decade. About a decade ago, you still will see now and then people asking for emacs info format of docs (was the days of perl). Today, one don't hear of it.

Part of this is due to emacs cult problem. See:

• Emacs Modernization

• Emacs Should Adopt HTML To Replace Texinfo

• Language, Purity, Cult, and Deception

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On Dec 11 2008, 6:56 am, Matthias wrote:
> Xah Lee writes:
> > in programing elisp in emacs, i can press “Ctrl+h f” to lookup
> > the doc for the function under cursor. is there such facility
> > when coding in perl, python, php?
> Yes, try C-h S (or similarly S):
> (info-lookup-symbol SYMBOL &optional MODE) Display the
> definition of SYMBOL, as found in the relevant manual. When this
> command is called interactively, it reads SYMBOL from the
> minibuffer.
> Note that `the relevant manual' means an info file. With recent
> emacsen on an Ubuntu distro, python arrives with info files and
> everything is well configured. It also works with bash, latex, perl,
> scheme, elisp, awk, texinfo, makefile, libc, or any info file with an
> index.
> --
> Matthias


I noticed that Matthias actually mentioned that info docs is available and bundled out of the box on Ubuntu linux for many popular langs, as of 2008-12.

Is that true? Where can i download these info files? As far as i know, a little google search or official doc sites usually don't have a download for info format.

I'm interested in getting current version doc for perl, python, php, and ruby.


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