emacs shell on windows etc

Hi Len,

thanks for the w32shell.el tip.

we chatted this before... but i'll have to spend some time down the road to study this.

it'd be nice to integrate PowerShell into it too. Hopefully i can look at it soon and maybe send you a patch.

On Aug 4, 10:52 pm, Lennart Borgman wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 12:06 AM,XahLee wrote:
> > btw, on Windows emacsW23, it has cmd-shell. Is this particular to
> > emacsW23 or is it in GNU Emacs's Windows branch?
> w32shell.el (where cmd-shell lives) contains wrappers for the "shell"
> function that comes with Emacs itself.

i believe you are saying that w32shell.el is NOT in GNU Emacs code base right?

so, when people compile emacs 23 on Windows, they don't have cmd-shell, but just shell, which invokes Windows's cmd.exe right?

what are the reasons not to have w32shell.el in GNU emacs? It seems to me that it is good to have separate shells. Cause for me, i use all cmd.exe, cygwin bash, and PowerShell on my Windows machine, and i'd prefer to be able to run them indivdually while in emacs, instead of one shell that has all these shell's paths togeter... at least the unix cygwin bash shell wouldn't mesh well with Windows's.

> The purpose of it is to make it more easy to switch between uing cmd,
> Cygwin, MSYS etc as the shell program in command shell. (The name is a
> bit unfortunate. I did not know it was so hard to get additions like
> this into Emacs so I choose something that could fit Emacs.)

Thanks for the info.

Today i just compiled emacs 23 on my old PPC Mac, and it went very smooth! I was fantastically happy. Especially so because my mac is a late 2005 machine running OSX 10.4, and all the other Mac ports of emacs all have abandoned it for about a year now. I haven't compiled a program for years... last time i did compile emacs is sometimes in 2002, lol. This week or so i'll install cygwin gcc or whatever Microsoft's compiler offerings (if free) and try to compile it on Windows.

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