getting unicode to show in emacs 23 on Windows

i have this unicode file

when viewed in latest Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, on Windows (Vista), all char shows. But many chars don't show in emacs 23 for Windows of the same machine. I tried many fonts... Courier New, Lucida Console, Lucida Sans Unicode... but none shows all as browsers do.

any one got idea how to fix this?

Lucida Sans Unicode shows most, but unfortunately, it's not monospaced font.


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On Aug 25, 8:21 pm, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> > Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 17:38:02 -0500
> > From: "B. T. Raven"
> > Could the glyphs that still show up as boxes (math, industrial,
> > computing, etc.) be made to appear if a fontset is used?
> I think so, but for me they appear without any customizations at all.
> > Why don't the ipa Symbols appear? They are part of Arial Unicode.
> I don't know enough about these issues. I suggest to submit a bug
> report with "M-x report-emacs-bug".

thanks Raven & Eli.

humm... it show for you Eli out of the box. Strange.

i don't have Arial Unicode MS, since it is part of Windows Office and OS X 10.5 both i don't have.

my current choice is Lucida Sans Unicode, which provide the most unicode chars among my choices, but is not monospaced font. Works out well, except dired, and unusable in M-x calendar. The unicode here also lacks a lot, e.g. half of the bottom page's chars won't show
but still is the font that shows the most on my machine.

Code2000 shows almost all the unicode, but the font is so bad... it's not readable.

Fixsys is also very good. Shows more unicode than Lucida Sans Unicode, but the only draw back is that its bitmapped. I just realized there's a Open Sourced TrueType one am going to try. (found from reading Wikipedia)

Courier New and Lucida Console are both very good. monospaced, but they don't show that much unicode except the most basic ones.

am guessing the problem really needs to be solved by some sort of font substitution. Browsers apparantly are all doing it and perfectly on my machine since they show all chars without user needing to set fonts.

i guess in emacs that is fontset? I'm not sure if it is just fontset, or emacs also calls the OS's font api to complete part of the display...

Eli, what version of emacs are you using? are you sure it's straight compile from source without customization?

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