installing emacs packages

On Aug 1, 8:04 am, amolaggarwal wrote:
> My emacs version is 22.3.1 . I have created init file in ~/.emacs.d/
> init.cl(user application data folder instead of home directory) . I
> want to load another package called init-auto-complete.el through my
> init file . I have put this package in .emacs.d directory but i am
> unable to load this package from init file using (require 'init-auto-
> complete.el). Kindly help.

is “~/.emacs.d/” in your load-path? You can check by typing Alt+x describe-variable load-path.

Also, “require” is the wrong function to call. You should use load-file, load, or autoload. For some detail, see:

• How To Install Emacs Packages

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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