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On Aug 4, 6:39 pm, "A.Politz" wrote:
> On Aug 5, 1:26 am, Xah Lee wrote:
> > It still works with or without the space, but would like to read about
> > this change.
> > thanks.
> > Xah
> * Added one space to the output of some info function, thought it
> might look better.
> Now you've done it, feel free to merge this line with your NEWS file.
> C-0 c
> , even more news.
> -ap

the change actually broke one of my elisp function. I have a command that when invoked, will turn the current line like



(info "(emacs)dired")

now it broke! lol. (yeah it can be fixed in few secs)

But anyway, i did some testing, at least this extra space change is backward compatible. e.g.

(info "(emacs)dired")
(info "(emacs) dired")

both works in emacs 22.

However, i noticed another, more important issue. In emacs 22, there's this node:

(info "(emacs)Transient Mark")

but doesn't exit in emacs 23's manual.

Shouldn't the manual nodes be persistant across versions, e.g. providing redirect when node changed?

as a pratical matter, this means now i have to search all my tutorial that points to manual nodes and check if they still work. This applies to any publication on emacs that reference to the manual by node.

this is a problem with python manual too... thinking about this, actually i don't know if there are any manual that:

(1) provide a computable reference to the chapter/sections.
(2) maintain this on different versions of the manual.

However, since emacs does (1) already, it's easy to do (2) too.

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