unicode rendering on Carbon Emacs 22 vs Mac Emacs 23.

unicode rendering on Carbon Emacs 22 vs Mac Emacs 23.


any conclusion from this?

PS since my mac and OS is few years old, both Carbon Emacs and Aquamacs Emacs has dropped support for about over a year, so i haven't tested their latest. Is current version Carbon Emacs or Aquamacs actually run on cocoa code base from emacs 23?

could anyone download this file
and show screenshot in their current Carbon/Aquamacs Emacs?


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On Aug 16, 3:03 pm, Byung-Hee HWANG wrote:
> Xah, i have no MacOS. Just i tested on my desktop, FreeBSD.
> http://izb.knu.ac.kr/~bh/stuff/unicode-test-xah-emacs23-20090817001.png
> It works well for me. Thanks!

Hi Hwang, thanks. Looks like you have a pretty good setup. Am rather surprised that it happens on BSD. Btw, is that emacs 23 out of the box or do you have to do some setup such as picking a font in emacs/X11?

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