how to add words in aspell with emacs

On Oct 15, 2:47 am, Water Lin wrote:
> Two more question about using Aspell with flyspell mode.
> The first question:
> When Aspell finds an incorrect word, it will mark the incorrect word
> with special underline and color. But there are also a lot of special
> words like Flyspell, Aspell etc. which are meaningful but incorrect.
> I want to let Flyspell to ignore these words. What's the command?

right click on the word, and there's a menu command to add the word to your personal dict.

aspell creates your personal words file by default at

you can add or delete words there directly.

to find out what keyboard shortcut or command is called when right click the menu item, you can use describe-key.

> The second question:
> After successfully installed Flyspell with Aspell, I find that the input
> speed of my keyboard is a little slow and panic. It seems that flyspeel
> will influence my input speed. What can I do with it?
> My solution is:
> -------
> I disable Flyspell mode, but after I finish the email edition, I
> will use M-x ispell-region to check my spell. Is it a good way?

this solution is what i use. In fact, i use speck-mode (look at emacswiki.org for it). In my experience, it's faster, more robust. It doesn't do spell checking as you type though. It's batch, but faster than flyspell-buffer...


spell checking is a critical feature of text editors. Spell checking frustration with Emacs on the Windows OS is a frequently asked question here. (the installation, configuration, is a huge pain in the ass even for professional unix sys admins and longtime emacs users) The GNU Emacs people, for some political, social , philosophical, or technical reasons, do not or will not make emacs work out of box on the Windows platform (their perspective may differ than the way i expressed it here). This, in my opinion, is a major problem of advancing emacs.

For issues related to this, see:

• Emacs Does Not Support Viewing Images Files In Windows

• Problems of Emacs Supporting Obsolete Systems

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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