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On Oct 17, 6:46 pm, dkco...@panix.com (David Combs) wrote:
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> Xah Lee wrote:
> Please -- I know you love your nice control-chars your posts
> always include, but it sure makes it near IMPOSSIBLE for us
> to read, or especially to NICELY save, them.
> Suggestion:
> Each post you make, DOUBLE it: first part "your way", then
> a dashed line or lines, then again, but without that stuff
> in it. Just plain ascii, minus any within-line control-chars.
> (Presumably you take the trouble to write your posts, to think
> them through, etc, because you want us to READ them, to BENEFIT
> from them, perhaps to even SAVE them. Seems to me that it would
> thus be to YOUR benefit to make them as easy as possible to read,
> and likewise to save away, maybe even for OTHERS to read (attributed
> to you, of course).)
> Thanks for at least considering the above.

Hi David,

was it you who wrote me at least twice about this issue in the past in separate times?

If i didn't recall incorrectly, i never got any reasons what is the problem.

The "control chars" you mention, are unicode characters, and pretty standard ones, such as curly quotes and bullets.

I wrote all my posts using just emacs, and they show correctly in just about all web browsers from groups.google.com. There is no problem in copy and pasting them, nor can i imagine there any problem in saving them as file, in any of Windows, Mac, or linux. the encoding used is utf-8, default in mac, linuxes, and fully supported Windows.

unicode is charset in langs like xml, java... etc.

can you be explicit exactly what is the problem? is it some news reader that does not support unicode? i haven't tried, but it'd be a major shame if u telling me emacs+gnus or Mozilla's Thunderbird does not support unicode out of the box?

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