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On Apr 22, 4:23 pm, p...@informatimago.com (Pascal J. Bourguignon) wrote:
> Peter Axon writes:
> > [...] English [...] (the standard language of the Internet) [...]
> No, not really.
> http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats7.htm
> English is used by less than 1/3 of the Internet users, and less than
> 40% of the web pages.  And more importantly, its usage is dropping fast
> (relatively).

been keeping a eye on this for the past years, since about ~2005.

a more reliable data source on this would be

though, much data on the page is referenced to internetworldstats.com, which am not sure is very high quality.

am sure that Google must have published this on one of their blogs (e.g. web master blog)... but i cant remember any. Alexa.com might have that info too.

Here's related data:

• Unicode Popularity On Web

• Web Tech Stats 2010

• Web Browser Market Share 2010-02

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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