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On Apr 20, 8:56 pm, Peter Axon wrote:
> But you don't write in-depth technical stuff. You write in a
> blogger-tutorial style.

humm... that's a reasonable critique. Am trying to think hard, of all
my hyperbole and boasts of my writing skills and knowledge, i don't
think i have written a coherent academic quality work of more than,
say, 50k words. Well, actually, my special plane curves, my wall paper
group exposition, my emacs tutorial, come close, or very close. In
fact, thinking about these works, it simply thwarts your claim. They
are rather in-depth and not just blogging styled
tutorial. The plane curves and emacs each are book sized too, much
more than 50k words. Especially the math works, are cited in more than
ten academic journals and text books.

what am thinking more to myself, is that i don't think i have wrote
some none technical subjects that's substantial and coherently
sizable. All i have is pretty much a collection of a hundred or 2
disparate short essays that are more or less so-called creative
writings, mostly academically classified as rant style of social

But here again, what am actually doing is close to introspection of
self-worth — a flaw of mine. All things considered, of my published
writings, with as much indifference as possible, i'd say they are more
worth than say lifetime output of more than 90% of today's PhDs.

> The following are from your article:
> > Do not use a "and" for the last item in a sequence of things, unless
> > it is too odd. For example, write "My favorite fruits are peach,
> > banana, cherry", not "My favorite fruits are peach, banana, and
> > cherry".
> > The article "an" is always written as "a".
> Which clown invents their own grammar? It makes your stuff just awkward
> to read.

Awkwardness is a point of view, young man.

Don't you find Shakespeare awkward to read?

Don't you find Chinese awkward to read?

Do you find one cuming or one Finnegans awkward to read?

have you thought about the reasons why? If you put your mind into this, you could, write a 3 thousands words essay about this topic. For example, here's some tips to start your essay. Classify the reasons. Give example of each. Quote the part of literature for each. Define what is meant by “awkward to read”. And, unavoidably, you probably have to philosophize about the audience. Depending on where you want to go, your essay can turn into classification of audiences, research report on english styles, nature and character of works from recognized stylists, definition of english styles, history of english styles, survey of world's styles by region... etc. (the work in this can become years long, tantamount to a phD's thesis.)

After which, you'll have a reasonable workout on this matter, then perhaps you'll see, my point of view.

alternatively, you can just read more of me.

• To An Or Not To An

• On the Postposition of Conjunction in Penultimate Position of a Sequence

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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