emacs closing file problems

On May 5, 6:51 am, Tyler Smith wrote:
> Xah Lee writes:
> > The emacs buffer management problem really has to do with emacs's lack
> > of closing file command. There's kill-file, but it requires you to
> > confirm, even a saved file. Plus, there's no keyboard shortcut for it.
> > So, this tends to get people to leave behind lots of opened files.
> Isn't 'C-x k' (kill-buffer) basically a file closing command? It doesn't
> require confirmation for files that are already saved, and the file that
> the buffer was visiting is then removed from the buffer list. Or am I
> misunderstanding what you mean by 'close file'.
> Also, I can't find kill-file on my emacs (GNU Emacs, did you
> mean kill-buffer to begin with?
> Tyler

sorry, been sloppy.

yes i meant kill-buffer (shortcut C-x k)

when you call kill-buffer, it prompts you, even for a saved file. More specifically, it prompts you which buffer you want to kill. It does not simply close the current buffer.

the other problem is that when you kill a buffer not asociated with a file, even if it is not saved, has content, it'll simply kill it after you give the buffer name, but not prompting you whether to save it.

the link i gave in my previous post does give detail about these.

∑ http://xahlee.org/

PS in a earlier post in this thread, i mentioned no keyboard shortcut. That refers to the Close command in the menu, which calles kill-this-buffer.


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