emacs espresso mode vs js2-mode screwup

On Jun 15, 1:42 am, Uday S Reddy wrote:
> On 6/15/2010 7:54 AM, Pascal J. Bourguignon wrote:
> > Well, C-f C-n is all you need.  I mean, keep C-f pressed until the
> > cursor reaches the column you want, you don't even need to count
> > 76.  And keep C-n pressed until the cursor reaches the line you want.
> Except that pressing control-key for that long with your pinky is a health risk!
> But I feel this discussion is tangential.  Most of us accept that visual line
> movement is a /good/ idea and we find it useful in lots of contexts.  We are
> grateful for Stefan & co for thinking of it and implementing it.
> The question is really whether it should have been made the default.
> Every time I narrowed down to that issue in this thread, the participants have
> fallen silent (first Xah Lee then Tim Cross, Alan Mackenzie and Stefan
> himself).  I guess there is no good answer to it.

i find it great that line-move-visual defaults to t. And i find it good that nothing else is changed about Ctrl+n, with the result that it just move lines visually in emacs 23.x. All things considered. I thought about it for a while when you presented a perspective of what we are arguing about. But the more i think about it, the more the conclusion above.

i find many discussions here silly... writing here takes a lot time. Typically, just 2 posts take out the whole day. Same as elsewhere in mailing lists or private communication with co-workers in a company... Answering a few emails or exchanging opinions takes out the whole day...

i find it silly that Mark Crispin insists this is so bad or breaks backward compatibility or his attacks on commercial software and opinions on certain “FOSS” or “FUD” jargons ... etc. It'd be endless flame war to argue one way or another. Usually fruitless.

but i enjoyed the thread anyway. I enjoyed having to cite my essays, enjoyed knowing about Mark Crispin, enjoyed to have learned who contributed the code for the line-move-visual feature. (in fact spent a hour or two to link to home pages of all i found who contributed major features in 23.x) If i have more time at leisure, i'd sure enjoy throwing flames to annoy Mark and few of you acquaintances. LOL.

maybe we can start another flamewar of a diff subject. I'm quite annoyed that emacs 23.2 has chosen the trivial espresso mode as the javascript mode and screwed Steve Yegg's far much ambitious, talented, and revolutionary and modern and WORKING js mode the js2-mode that includes a on-the-fly js language parser. I attribute it to the now bureaucratic inefficiency of gnu.org management... i was on the gnu dev list when this thread was discussed, was rather pissed that the espresso mode author young 20 something bigshot talking shit about how emacs font lock myth this or that. I can write a espresso mode myself in a day. But i doubt most who have coded elisp for 10 years can pull off Steve's js2-mode. Not me.

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