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On Jun 2, 11:00 am, abashere wrote:
> I find the new always-on transient mark is causing more repair time
> than coding time.
> - turn off Active Region Highlighting in the Options and in the .emacs
> ( '(transient-mark-mode nil) )
> - highlight line 25 of the file , with mouse left button. release
> button.
> - scroll down 400 lines with the editor scroll bar (left|right mouse
> button pressed)
> - release mouse on scroll bar, move to file and then paste with middle
> mouse in new position.
> -WRONG !!
> For 15 years this was no problem. But now, using the scroll bar to
> move the visible portion of the file OVER_RIDES my selection of NO
> TRANSIENT-MARK! and turns it back 'on', selects the intervening 400
> lines and pastes those into the file.

maybe you should leave the transient-mark-mode on and stop using a mouse?

note that emacs behaves differently if you use the mouse.

For example, turn text selection highlighting on, then select a text, then, pressing delete key will not delete the text if you used keyboard to made the text selection, but will if the text selection is made with a mouse.

this is in my opinion a bad feature, as it makes things more complex.

better would be simply to always make the delete key delete text selection, or typing over it. (which is done by having “(delete-selection-mode 1)”.)

> Can I remove the Transient-mark function entirely? Make the first
> action of the function a return? Obviously, the option is meaningless
> now.

i don't think there's a easy way, and it doesn't really make sense to “remove the function”. Emacs's transient mode system is builtin in lots of commands and functions. (see the var transient-mark-mode) If you don't really like it, turning it off should be all you need, like this:

(transient-mark-mode 0)

Note that “(transient-mark-mode nil)” is incorrect.

it's not clear from your post whether you are making a complaint or asking a question. The following articles perhaps might be of interest:

• Emacs: What's Region, Active Region, transient-mark-mode?

• New Features in Emacs 23

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