lisp machine history, Richard Stallman's mis-information

just discovered a blog written by a old lisper Dan Weinreb, refuting on a story on Lisp Machine companies as told by Richard Stallman.

“Rebuttal to Stallman’s Story About The Formation of Symbolics and LMI” (2007-11), by Dan Weinreb. At

From my experience, and extensive reading about Richard Stallman since late 1990s, that i would believe Dan Weinreb on this more than Richard Stallman.

I find Richard Stallman's writings, are often biased, and in many of his writings and lectures i've seen, he's even intentionally mis-infom people for his point of view on the philosophy of software licensing. (see http://xahlee.org/UnixResource_dir/writ2/FSF_philosophy.html )

Dan Weinreb's blog article probably has been mentioned here before, but i felt it be announced again.

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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