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On Aug 23, 2:48 pm, "Captain Obvious" wrote:
> So, you see, Microsoft actually cares about users and their habits and they
> can go as far as introducing new OS components just to make their experience
> better.
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well said Captain Obvious! (btw, you name made me lol. pun not intended here.)

regarding about the permission to modify files in “C:\Program Files”, i've written about it too. Here:

• Windows Vista VirtualStore Problem

also, recently i happed to read a few articles about Microsoft written by the venerable Microsoft developer Raymond Chen

〈The Old New Thing: What about BOZOSLIVEHERE and TABTHETEXTOUTFORWIMPS?〉 (2003-10-15), by Raymond Chen, at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/archive/2003/10/15/55296.aspx

where you read that lots of shit is blamed to Microsoft, while the real fault is 3rd party asses, and Microsoft spend tremendous time just to still make things work.

Also, you know how Microsoft startup is like a snail? See:

• Windows Starting Too Slow? Disable Windows Startup Apps with msconfig

actually, just about all 3rd party software adds hidden gook of itself to Windows startup, so when Windows starts slow, ms got blamed, but in fact it's those fucking Adobe, iTune, Java, games. (in particular, fuck Java the motherfucker, and Sun Microsystems fuckface, glad u dead. (note that in a java update about few months ago, it surreptitiously installs a 3rd party web based backup service software. you can read about in in blogs if you care to search.))

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On Aug 23, 2:48 pm, "Captain Obvious" wrote:
>  TB> Do you think that the view that MS and Sun (under whatever ownership)
>  TB> are slowly dying is somehow contentious?
> Yes. I do not have a strong opinion on this, though.
> My point was, however, that it "does not follow", i.e. it is hard to related
> slowness of IE8 installation to death of MS.
>  TB> Patches do this by *reading and writing the whole file for each line
>  TB> they change*.
> Holy crap...
>  TB> So, maybe this bug will take 20 years to "fix" where "fix" means
>  TB> "ignore until we replace it with something else".  That's not a good
>  TB> indicator, at the very best.
> Ok, you've convinced me that Sun is not doing very well.
> But Microsoft isn't that bad. They fix things. They are not afraid to change
> things for better breaking compatibility with old cruft. They spend a lot of
> efforts making old cruft co-existing with new solutions.
> E.g. NT branch does not allow writting to C:\Program Files (like /usr) for
> non-admininstrator users with default settings -- for obvious settings. But
> both users and applications abused this -- users were usually working as
> administrators on XP and applications were writing to C:\Program Files\xxx
> (while they should write to C:\Profiles\user\Application Data\xxx).
> In Vista they have fixed this -- first, now administrator is more like a
> member of wheel group who can do sudo and needs to do sudo for
> administrative tasks (although it is implemented via complex machinery on
> kernel level, as far as I understand).
> Then applications which try to write to C:\Program Files while being
> executed in low-privilege mode actually run to some directory in
> C:\Profiles\user\... -- this is implemented transparently on filesystem
> level.
> So, you see, Microsoft actually cares about users and their habits and they
> can go as far as introducing new OS components just to make their experience
> better.
> Of course, not everything is perfect. But in case of slow installation times
> it's not like they've made totally retarded thing and do not want to fix it.
> More like it is not tuned very well. Maybe it will go 2x or 3x faster if
> ideally tuned and optimized, but it is not absolutely critical so they
> didn't do it.
>  TB> That "something else" of course will turn out to be Linux.
> Do you think that Linux will kill Windows too? Or that would be Apple's OS?

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