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On Aug 3, 3:11 am, harry weston wrote:
> Hello
> I have searched the 'net, but cannot find out how to incorporate into emacs the symbols from the IBM extended character set that draw boxes of single or double lines. It used to be easy on my old Epson dot-matrix printer. My failure to locate it is most likely because I don't know exactly what to look for among the ISOs and all that. I'll be very grateful for any help your can give,
> Very best wishes, and thanks for offering this service, Harry Weston

you'll need to give us some details. e.g. do you have a image (screenshot) of the character? Most people today isn't familiar with ibm charsets.

also, am certain that all ibm charsets in any version should be in unicode. So, your problem is simply finding the right unicode, if i understand it correctly. Not sure what you mean by “incorporate”.

you might find your char in the “shapes” file in the following:

• xub Unicode Browser mode for Emacs

the following might help on some issues of input, code point, etc.

• Emacs and Unicode Tips

∑ http://xahlee.org/

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