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On Aug 21, 8:50 am, Kenneth Tilton wrote:
> On 8/20/2010 1:22 PM, Xah Lee wrote:

> > On Aug 18, 3:51 am, Tim Bradshaw  wrote:
> >> On 2010-08-18 11:12:53 +0100, Kenneth Tilton said:
> >>> They've run up the white flag, Microsoft, haven't they?
> >> I think it's what happens to monopolists: they get big by being a
> >> monopolist, and because they have no competition they get slow and
> >> bureaucratic.
> > lol. what load of crap.
> > many tech geekers don't understand what the word monopoly means.
> > monopoly is preventing others from competition.
> > monopoly is not saturation of a market.
> > when tech geekers speaks of Microsoft monopoly, they mean saturation
> > of a market.
> Speak for yourself. I am talking about anti-competitive practices.
> Really unecessary, too, since they had dominant share anyway. And now
> all Bill does is worry about how to give away all the money he grabbed
> unnecessarily. That's the joke. The unfunny part is the people he hurt
> along the way, and the scorn most folks have for him and his company.

well i paid a lot attention to this over the past decade about Microsoft being anti-competitive... but i don't really see any, or any that's worse than say, Sun Microsystems. And even in my 20 years of using a computer i used Mac from 1990 to 2009-06 as my main PC and never have the expertise or worked on any of Microsoft's tech as a professional programer, and i don't like Microsoft, but my feeling is that Microsoft Windows is simply vastly better than competitors, ALL things considered.

what anti-competitive practice are are you thinking?

bundling a browsers? i'm sorry but i think that's rather a MAJOR, non-trivial, INNOVATION.

threaten to cut off partnership if PC makers sleeps with other OS? Sue ya wife if she threatens a divorse!

branching off Java? FUCK Sun Microsystems with its motherfucking purity and run-everywhere marketing fuck Java lies FUCK, and i'm glad Sun is dead. The scumbag pulled the same Netscape “open sourcing it” trick when death is near. AM VERY GLAD THE SUN MICRO FUCK IS DEAD. Google also broke off ostensibly with their customized non-standard Java, and Oracle just sued Google (but for different reason). (LOL!)

(see also:
• Jargons of Info Tech Industry

• What are OOP's Jargons and Complexities

the above are perhaps the most cited Microsoft faults. What others? some halooween document? Fuck you linux slashdot groklaw tech geeking social science illiterate sucmbags lying thru your teeths spreading fucking illiterate motherfucking mis-info jargons FUD for your own political gain, and fuck you richard stallman for bending the meaning of the word FREE for your personal gain, and befuddle the concept of human's freedom of behavior with your brand of software distribution philosophy.

• “Free” Software Morality, Richard Stallman, and Paperwork Bureaucracy

but tell me kenny what you think are some of the anti-competitive practices.

O, btw, i've switched to PC now as my main machine in 2009, from 18 years of Mac, 10 of which being a Mac fanatic so to speak.

My story is here:

• Switching from Mac/Unix To PC/Windows

and with the decision to switch, i've thrown away my mental block of not learning any Microsoft techs, and in the past year have read extensively on MS techs (e.g. over 100 Wikipedia articles related to MS's techs), and started to write a bunch of Microsoft related tutorials. You can see them collected here:

• Microsoft Windows Tech Tips

let me give one impression of their language. The Microsoft PowerShell.

• Xah's PowerShell Tutorial

The PowerShell, in my opinion, is far more powerful and well designed, than the combination of all of perl, python, php. (O my god, no wonder Microsoft is so successful.) (for those functional programing nerds, note that PowerShell was called Monad! Yay monad!)

O, u can see the Wikipedia articles i've read.

• Links to Wikipedia from XahLee.org

i've made estimates, that for each i actually linked to in my writings, i've read about 6 more, starting about 2004. (was thinking 10, but last time i did a more serious estimate, i think 6 is proper.)

Since about 2006, i spend 16 hours in front of computer each day. (actually something like that can be said since 1995) 1/2 of that is in emacs, 1/2 in Wikipedia, and 1/2 in Firefox. LOL

come, Microsoft haters, let's start a flamewar on this. am willing to entertain with my smattering of english. (except kenny)

Xah ∑ http://xahlee.org/ ☄

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