text editing competition


hi, i had this idea for a long time, and am very interested. I'd be very interested to participate.

for the past ~5 years, i'm pissed often in my arguments about operational efficiency of many of emacs's defaults. (shortcut choices, command behavior choice...)

the ultimate showdown is to prove it in real time. I thought about creating such a contest but that takes some serious effort. I wrote quite a lot of it though, but scattered.

here's some articles i wrote about the issue. I link them below, some with a short quote of relevant part. I hope it might be helpful in creating this contest.

• The Modernization of Emacs (the most important changes i think emacs should adopt)


... Even for professional users, it is openly questionable that emacs's ways of operation induced by its default user interface allows more efficient operation than a user interface based on modern software conventions. (this can be tested by having 2 team of programmers roughly equally experienced or skilled in using emacs. One team use Emacs with default UI setup, the other use a emacs with modernized interface (such as Mac's Aquamacs), then compare their efficiency in finishing a set of coding tasks.)


• A Typing Game in Emacs

(on some ideas of creating problems of such a realtime editing contest)


here's some criticism on officiency of some emacs's command's behaviors

• The Operative Efficiency of Emacs's Deleting Text to kill-ring

• Emacs Shortcut to Delete Whole Line

• Usability Problems With Emacs's Letter-Case Commands

• Suggestions on Emacs's mark-word Command

• Suggestions on Emacs's Line-Cutting Commands

• Emacs Incremental Search Suggestions

• Text Editor's Cursor Movement Behavior (emacs, vi, Notepad++)


on efficiency of shortcut choices (e.g. which keys should map to what commands)

• ErgoEmacs Keybinding


i looked at your site. I look forward to it. When is the problem going to be announced?

also, i thought of a issue... the contest may subject to repeated practice before actually creating the video. How might this be solved?



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