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On Aug 20, 12:42 pm, "Captain Obvious" wrote:
>  XL> lol. what load of crap.
>  XL> many tech geekers don't understand what the word monopoly means.
>  XL> monopoly is preventing others from competition.
>  XL> monopoly is not saturation of a market.
>  XL> when tech geekers speaks of Microsoft monopoly, they mean saturation
>  XL> of a market.
> I generally agree with you, but when everybody looks for familiar (read:
> like Windows) operating systems and compatible (read: with Windows)
> software, you cannot deny that others are being prevented from competation
> to some extent.
> Plus there is something called "vendor lock-in".

a bit explanation is in order.

When a company prevents others from entering the market by tricks = evvvill!. This is what most tech geekers are thinking.

There's not that much example of such in our capitalistic US going on, to the degree that idiot everybody or tech geekers needs to be alarmed, maybe except US government.

When a company saturates a particular market, such as Microsoft's OS for PC, google for search engine, that's not = evviiil. Because, any joe can come in and sell their shit, and when the public decided joe's better (e.g. linux), the so called monopoly topples.

quote: «Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit pointed out that the key to monopoly is not market share — even when it is 100 percent — but the ability to keep others out. A company which cannot keep competitors out is not a monopoly, no matter what percentage of the market it may have at a given moment.»

from 〈Basic Economics〉, First Edition, by Thomas Sowell
ISBN: 0-465-08138-X

Chapter 2: Big business and Government: Anti-Trust Laws, p.102

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run and buy the book now. Save humanity! as tech geekers might say, every generation some idiots repeats shooting ourselves.

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