what's monopoly

On Aug 18, 3:51 am, Tim Bradshaw wrote:
> On 2010-08-18 11:12:53 +0100, Kenneth Tilton said:
> > They've run up the white flag, Microsoft, haven't they?
> I think it's what happens to monopolists: they get big by being a
> monopolist, and because they have no competition they get slow and
> bureaucratic.

lol. what load of crap.

many tech geekers don't understand what the word monopoly means.

monopoly is preventing others from entering market.
monopoly is not saturation of a market.

when tech geekers speaks of Microsoft monopoly, they mean saturation of a market.
e.g. GNU is a monopoly, linux is a monopoly, google is a monopoly.

btw, what kenny is babbling about? i installed ie8 from ie7 in maybe 5 min about a year ago?

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