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On Aug 21, 6:39 pm, Kenneth Tilton <kentil...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/21/2010 5:51 PM, Xah Lee wrote:
> > lol kenny, u've been more spammy and cranky in the past months.
> No, seriously: what Lisp web app framework do you use?

emacs lisp?

> Ah, hang on, you already mentioned elsewhere you don't do Javascript
> -- all hand-coded static HTML? That's fine, but you are not my
> audience. OTOH, if you want to step your game up a level, qooxlisp
> would be a good way to avoid learning more than the absolute
> minimum. Then you get to learn, Cells, too:  
>  http://wiki.github.com/kennytilton/cells/ That would make you
> forget Mathematica.

where did a say i don't do javascript?

• Xah's Javascript Tutorial

oh, and yes my over 4 thousand pages visited by 7 thousand visitors PER DAY are hand coded, but some are elisp generated. See for examples:

• Links to Wikipedia from XahLee.org

• Google Earth Files at XahLee.org

• Creating A Sitemap With Emacs Lisp

kenny, i don't think u want to do piss links with me. :)

btw, this is a good opportunity for me to brag. Even though my html is manually crafted love affair, but, i challenge anyone, with whatever mark-down or wiki system they use, that i can type, format, to desired effect, FASTER than them.

let me explain what i mean. For example, here's some common markup syntax

= first header =
== second header ==

simple paragraph, no need to mark anything

[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightweight_markup_language link done with square bracket, sometimes double]

; program code here. literal format
(+ 3 4)

Now, i claim, i when i write html in emacs, i spontaneously generate all the tags, faster then they can type those single char markdowns. e.g. the above html equivalent would be like this:

<h1>first header</h1>
<h2>second header</h2>
<p>simple paragraph</p>

<p><a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightweight_markup_language">Lightweight markup language</a></p>

<pre class="elisp">
<span class="comment-delimiter">; </span><span class="comment">program code here. literal format
</span>(+ 3 4)

wooah, can you believe that??

let me repeat to be sure.

i don't care if you are a champion of speed-typing in highschool, and i don't care what kinda simple, efficient, ass-kicking markdown system you use, my claim is, that when i work in emacs with my own elaborately customized system, i create the equivalent rendering with the much verbose html markup, FASTER than you can with your markdown. (and with more exacting control and rendering flexibility too, with PROPER CSS! AND, IT'S ALL HTML4 STRICT VALID!!!)

whoaah, did i blew anyone's mind? i'm willing to subject to tests or open challenges.

humm... i think some honest fellow here may be wondering just what system i'm using. Let me be humble and tell you straight forward here without being mysterious.


• The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Keyboard layout:

• The Dvorak Keyboard Layout


• ErgoEmacs Emacs distribution

Emacs Keybinding system:

• ErgoEmacs Keybinding

(plus extra customization
( can be seen here http://xahlee.org/emacs/xah_emacs_init.html
(more specifically, these files on that page related to efficiency of keys
* xah_emacs_keybinding.el
* xah_emacs_unicode_input.el
* xah_emacs_alias.el
* xah_emacs_abbr.el
) )

Extensive customized emacs html mode system. Part of it are discussed here:

• “Zen-Coding” and “Emacs-Buddha-Coding”

• Emacs and HTML Tips

Extensive os-wide key macros:

• AutoHotkey Example Scripts

(part of my custom file can be seen at the bottom of that page, here's the direct url:

OS: Mac or Windows, either way. Currently on Windows. If on Mac, the os-wide macro replacement of AutoHotkey will be the Mac's DefaultKeyBinding.dict and QuickSilver.

• How To Create Keybinding In Mac OS X

well, i'm not satisfied with the brag above. Y'know? many linux tech geekers brag about vi, command lind, ratpoison system etc shit, or emacs old farts brag about emac's default keybinding system, or lisp coders brag about the paren edit mode. I, Xah Lee, hereby claims that when it comes to general computer operating tasks (such as switching windows, launching apps, get a piece of text here past there, processing file, etc ), or specific lisp coding tasks (e.g. general editing process when coding lisp), that i work faster, more efficient, less key strokes, than them.

yes, all this i'm willing to test publicly in some way. There was a fellow who announced such a open competition a month ago. Let's see how that goes.

why do i dare to brag about this? because i'm the biggest computer operation efficiency nerd on earth. My methods or the system i personally developed to use, are not based on hearsay or habit or hacker lore as most tech geeker idiots are about these issues. My methods, is developed with a scientifically verifiable ways as much as possible.

• All About Keyboards, Keyboard Layouts, Shortcuts, Macros

well, sometimes i feel bad because i brag too much. I wonder if i'd damage my public image... but ya know? i have to say what i think is true, and my “braggings” above i think is fairly true. Yes, someone create a public test please.

Xah ∑ http://xahlee.org/ ☄

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