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On Sep 3, 1:07 pm, p...@informatimago.com (Pascal J. Bourguignon) wrote:

> The problem is not that you didn't know insert-file-contents or
> similar functions.  This is indeed natural and it's on the ignorance
> of this that I judge your programming skills.
> It's on your use of sequential assignments and copy-and-paste for a
> repeatitive job.

you see, Pascal, i've been trying to be more tactful in recent months. You know? like not being a cold critical ass, and to engage people in a direct and more personal, friendly way.

are you sure, that your writting off of me, is justified?

because i humbly asked a question, now comes the baggage of incompetence to fend off?

because i posted a quick question, now i'm accused that my coding style is copy-and-paste and “sequential assignments for a repeatitive job”?


although i try to be more tactful, but i reserve the right to remain Xah, at least in spirit, and hope not to become some smooth politician always with round-about non-specific all-pleasing expressions. y'know? the wisdom we hear that one have to be yourself in life, right? ☺

so now, instead of bouncing you off with pompous philosophy, rude logic, fully decorated with expletives, i take the more mild approach, of teaching you things that i see you don't know. (oh god! i fucked it up! i've just been demeaning, steped on all the rules about friendship n leadership n persuasion principles in every book. Oh GOD, i'm such a fucking failure!)

So let me teach you: To be humble is to ... (i dunno. (be yourself?))

haha. actually, never mind any of that. I'm just all bullshitting. ☺ One thing i learned is that, being too serious at all times isn't a good thing. (O, but that's not true, depending on ... (Oh shutup Xah!))

Xah ∑ http://xahlee.org/ ☄

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