clojure vs scala


spent few hours yesterday reading net gossips about clojure vs scala.

before, i tend to favor scalar from almost nothing i knew about them. Largely because:

• i'm not so found of parens.

• i like modern functional lang notations. (e.g. haskell, ocaml/f#)

• i like modern functional lang features. e.g. pattern matching, type checking system, etc.

• because clojure is lisp, i thought it's just another lisp infected with dorky lisp ideas like macros, and whatnot baggage. (i don't care for macros whatsoever; nor, schemer's fascination with everything recursion & screw iteration; nor, give a hot shit about so-called call-cc. (and i think the Practical Common Lisp book is idiotic.))


but after reading the gossips, i think i much favor clojure!

• its type is dynamic. e.g. value has types, var doesn't. Scala on the other hand is heavy static typing, and i never got comfortable with any static typed langs.

• it's far easier for me to learn personally, because of the parens.

• clojure is pure functional, no oop. Scala is both. For his reason alone, Scala's credit with me went to near 0. (Fuck OOP. The shit that makes programing stink.)

• clojure is particularly designed for dealing wiht concurrency problems. I never had any experience with concurrency, but this is good.

Verdict: yay for Clojure!

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