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On Sep 17, 5:23 pm, "David E. Ross" wrote:
> On 9/17/10 10:48 AM, Osmo Saarikumpu wrote:
> > David E. Ross kirjoitti:
> >>> On 9/15/10 11:36 PM, Osmo Saarikumpu wrote:
> >>> JFTR, the folders do not have to be on the desktop for drag & drop to work.
> >> To drop, the folder must either reside on my desktop or else be open on
> >> my desktop.
> > The desktop is just another folder among others. You might want to open
> > Windows Explorer (Windows + e), which displays the
> > hierarchical structure of your drives, folders and files. Using Windows
> > Explorer, you can drag the image file to any drive or folder you desire.
> So I must use Windows Explorer or some other means to navigate to where
> the target folder is visible on my desktop.  (No, I don't have to open
> the target folder; I merely have to have it visible so that I can drop
> into it.)  Then, to keep the target folder visible, I must reduce the
> size of my browser window.  Finally, I select the image on my browser
> window, drag it to the target folder while holding down my mouse's left
> button, and then let go of the mouse button.  Of course, I will likely
> then want to close Windows Explorer or what ever folder I had to open to
> see the target folder.  Also, if my hand is unsteady on my mouse or if I
> run out of room for moving my mouse, the image might drop into some
> unintended location.
> Somehow, it seems so much easier to select the image on my browser
> window, right-click to get a pull-down context menu, select "Save image
> as", navigate to the target folder in the file selection window, and
> click the Save button.  Because the target folder does not have to be
> visible on my desktop, I don't have to reduce the size of my browser
> window; and I don't have to close Windows Explorer or what ever folder I
> had to open to see the target folder.  And I have far less risk from an
> unsteady hand.
> This is why I never knew until this week -- after years and years of
> using Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Suite, and Seamonkey -- that a
> drag-and-drop capability exists, a capability that appears more bother
> than it's worth.

lol David. Your personal methodology of operating the browser, perhaps computer, is so outdated, inefficient.

Try this simple test:

suppose your job is to save images to local drive. Suppose, you doing a lot research, and need to collect many images to the local disk, selectively. (so, automation by scripting is out)

Now, let's say, you need to view one thousand images of a particular research subject, and 20% of them you need to save to your disk.

you'll quickly find, the most efficient way is drag n drop.

the simplest example is just porn. That's why every one knows about this method.

But for other examples i actually need to do, view thousands of photos and save perhaps 10% of them and eventually only use perhaps 2% of them, see for examples:

• 〈Batgirl Craze (page 1)〉

• 〈Xah's Visual Arts Gallery〉

• 〈Crop Circle Gallery〉

• 〈Beautiful Architectures〉

the above are just personal examples, but there are lots of other smaller cases. For example, you know there's icons for facebook, twitter, webfeed/rss, everywhere right? As a webmaster, at some point you probably wanted to add such a feature to your site and sporting a icon. So, you have now the job of picking out a icon. For a particular service, let's say twitter, there are tens of icons people have created (and no, there's not really one “standard” or “official”, and only webfeed icon is SOMEWHAT a exception). So, you need to image search at all the icons and pick the ones you want (possibly with site's url, auhtor info, for credit ). In the process, usually you need to save 5 or more to your disk, sometimes the whole html content, sometimes just url, sometimes just snippet of text. (then later on process the info you gathered and pick one for your site) The most efficient, on-the-spot, method for this is just drag and drop. (these tasks are usually small and spontaneous and irregular, so you can't really spend time to prepare a script for automation, and if you do, usually you end up spending more time than worth)

see also:

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Xah ∑ xahlee.org ☄

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