jargons i hate

◆ duck typing

A term i despise about tech geekers, is the “duck typing”. Like, in their drivel they would say, blab blab, blab, quack like a duck, so xyz.

◆ foobar
Another term i hate about tech geekers, is “foo” and “bar”. When i read some doc saying “e.g. foo this, bar that”, i really want to tell them to “foobar your ass”.

◆ hacker
And the worst of all, is the obsession about the term “hack, hacking, hackers”. Biggest transgressors here is Richard Stallman and Paul Graham.

• 〈Paul Graham's Infatuation with the Concept of Hacker〉

◆ list comprehension


◆ Tail Recursion

• 〈Why You Should Avoid The Jargon “Tail Recursion”〉

◆ lisp1 lisp2

• 〈Why You should Not Use The Jargon Lisp1 and Lisp2〉

◆ currying

◆ lambda

◆ monad

◆ call-cc

much more ...

〈Jargons of Software Industry〉

• 〈Math Terminology and Naming of Things〉

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