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On Sep 1, 3:02 am, Claudius Hubig wrote:
> Xah Lee wrote:
> >so i wonder if you could take a trouble to launch it, and press your
> >mod key that would insert the math symbols, and whether the unicode
> >and layout shows up there correctly?
> Good day,
> I’m sorry, I thought you were referring to the layout creator. The on
> screen keyboard itself seems to work fine, but I had to switch the
> font used from MS Sans Serif to DejaVu Sans the symbols do appear.
> However, it seems to have problems with the fourth level
> (AltGr+Shift+?) - the symbol itself is entered, but the “layout” is
> not shown on screen.

i see. interesting. btw, i wonder if you would do a screenshot? for each of layout when a modifer is pressed.

i'd enjoy seeing that, but i think if you use that for your pages (or in addition to the hand-drawn ones), i think your readers would enjoy that too.

anyway, i saw that you mapped the left Win key to Return! Great idea! I've now copied that. Thanks!

the Return key is a major problem of the PC keyboard.

it's incredible that on qwertz and azerty layouts, there are actually 2 more keys to the right of right pinky before reaching the Return.

i think the Return key is at the same level of RSI risk as qwerty, if not worse.


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