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On Sep 25, 4:32 pm, Kenneth Tilton wrote:
> On 9/25/2010 4:01 PM, Marc Mientki wrote:
> > Am 25.09.2010 21:23, schrieb Isaiah Gilliland:
> >> Just something I made while bored and reading some posts about the
> >> Lisp logo. I don't really care much if the anyone wants to use it, I
> >> just thought it was a neat and clean design for a logo. I made it red
> >> to pop out, plus I think some lispers like red, and I feel it's
> >> important to have parenthesis in there as it's a defining
> >> characteristic of the language. It's simple and kinda reminds me of
> >> the era Lisp came from.
> >> Had it sitting on my hard disk, so I'm just gonna throw it out there
> >> and see what happens.
> >> http://www.imagebam.com/image/f52f5299341292
> >> Take care^^
> > No bad as starting point for further work. To me it is to few readable.
> > A propos lisp logo - I like Clozure loge very well. It has parenthesis
> > and retro appearing colors:
> > https://www.ohloh.net/p/ccl
> Ugh! :) Clearly someone with all my graphic talent at work. And I hate
> that they broke the CCL trademark with the line break. I say just go
> with the lambda character, perhaps stylized a bit to make clear it is a
> trademark of something. Then we just have to take over the world and
> people will grok that /that/ lambda is CL.

hey kenny, don't steal my lambda!

• 〈A Lambda Logo Tour〉

but seriously


these are new to me. I'll add it there.

now, y'know i cant go off logos without some personal remarks...

i think that logo is nice, but the only flaw is that there's nothing in it that reminds people of what it stands for, i.e. Clozure Common Lisp.

if i dare to suggest, it'd be nicer if the parens are expanded to include the full words, and i think perhaps the words Clozure Lisp.

o and Isaiah, i agree with others that your logo is plain. The area i think can use some improvement are:

(1) hard to make out that it is anything. Even if the image is shrinked, the way you lisp letters doesn't come close to spelling LISP.
(2) what is this logo for? lisp? Common Lisp? particular implementation of Common Lisp? or just general lisp?
(3) a lil personal esthetic taste is that the paren corner seems too jarring with the round lisp style you are using.

btw, the image hosting u using has lots of ads.

u might try http://imgur.com/

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