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On Sep 22, 10:03 pm, "Scott L. Burson" wrote:
> Xah Lee wrote:
> > gossip, Guy Steele, Lojban, Racket
> > some random gossips.
> > ----------
> > Discovered that Guy Steele, apparantly is a lojban speaker! Yay!
> > See:
> >http://www.lojban.org/files/papers/4thtense
> > Also
> > Robert J. Chassell, known as the author of
> > 《An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp》
> > is also a lojban speaker.
> > amazing. Are they actually have learned much lojban? or just happens
> > to discuss the issue?
> As long as we're into random tidbits here, Bob Chassell and I were both
> active in the Loglan community, before the schism that led to the
> creation of Lojban.  I've never learned Lojban, but I do still speak a
> little of the 1978 dialect of Loglan.
> -- Scott

very cool!

i studied lojban leisurely for a couple of year starting in 2003.

wrote some tutorial with voice recordings. Was somewhat popular in mid 2000s.

• 〈Xah's lojban page〉

but kinda drifted away since about 2006.


(a bit personal digression follows)

though, after a couple of years felt disillusioned... not really due to the lang, but caused by the community. e.g. i was bitching with 4 letter words about the fact that the logo is the worst shit possible, they (some of them) of course cannot admit it caused by my style. I kinda just drifted away from lojban.

you can see their logo here:

one of the thread about my complain of the logo is here:

To: lojban-list@lojban.org
Subject: Re: [lojban] Re: lojban logo
From: Matt Arnold
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 12:06:33 -0400


typically, when some truth is so obvious to anyone, the in-group people don't see it, and will defend/deny it. Same happens with my what you might call “trolling” experience in emacs, perl, and common lisp communities.

i eventually did a lot logos and wrote a summary of my experiences about talking about logos to the geeker communities. Here:

• 〈The Purpose of Logos and Principles of Logo Design〉

• 〈Logo Design and Software Industry〉

note that several articles came from bitching about lisp logo in comp.lang.lisp, met with same resistance. Typically, the ignorance goes: “we don't need stinking logo, cause that's marketing bullshit.”, and typically a gaggle of tech geekers will follow up and nod their heads in some whole hearted way.


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