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>  Xah Lee wrote:
> > Try this simple test:
> > suppose your job is to save images to local drive. Suppose, you doing
> > a lot research, and need to collect many images to the local disk,
> > selectively. (so, automation by scripting is out)
> > Now, let's say, you need to view one thousand images of a particular
> > research subject, and 20% of them you need to save to your disk.
> > you'll quickly find, the most efficient way is drag n drop.
> > the simplest example is just porn. That's why every one knows about
> > this method.
> Why do you quote so much? To cure this, please read:

lol. i realized it's all dinasours here... quoting a article of 〈How do I quote correctly in Usenet?〉?

i don't even think i heard of the word netiquette in recent years.

in 1990s, everyday. In early 2000s, few times a year. In 2010: “what the heck is netiquette??”

> The second thing is this, why would you suppose the porn example
> is the simplest.

cause everyone's doing it behind everyone's back? Quote:

«PS Porn is a $13 giga usd industry per year in USA, according to New York Times. Source.»

«I'd like to know the relative sizes of different industries. e.g. film industry, video game industry, software industry. (I read somewhere that porn revenue in US is more than all sports entertainment industries combined (e.g. baseball, basketball, football).) If you find a referenc, please let me know!»

• 〈Moving Porn out of XahLee.org〉

• 〈Porn Freedom (What Is Obscenity?)〉

> Third, why would you suppose that everyone is like you and knows
> the drag and drop from this source? In my case, my grandma taught
> me to use a Mac and drag and drop is like breathing on a Mac. Not
> a rude part on show in any of her lessons.

humm... interesting question. The question is, what percentage of people knows about drag'n'drop.
To be specific, and let me narrow this to power users, programers, and web developers, or, people who do code html. My guess is that it's almost 100%. I don't remember when's the first time i learned of drag'n'drop images from browser to a folder to save. But am guessing must be late 1990s... but it might also be early 2000s.

i'm rather really surprised with David E Scott. Maybe he lives in a cave. ☺

> There is a fourth thing that is irritating me: wtf are you doing
> in your editor re character saving, I am always having to
> Edit/Compose As/Western (Mac Roman) your posts in my usenet
> reader.

you also lives in a cave. ☺

it's unicode, man. See:

• 〈UNICODE Basics: What's Character Encoding, UTF-8, and All That?〉

• 〈Unicode Popularity On Web〉

• 〈Sample Unicode Characters〉

btw, the 〈angle quote〉 is chinese convention. See:

• 〈Intro to Chinese Punctuation with Computer Language Syntax Perspectives〉

and in recent months i decided to use unicode smiley ☺ instead of the ascii hack :) which is really silly.

as for other unicode chars i use often, such as “curly quote”, 【Ctrl+C】, 「corner bracket」, etc, you can see rational here:

• 〈Transform HTML Tags with Emacs Lisp〉

what newsgroup ware u using? you probably should update to something more modern. For newsgroups, i simply just use groups.google.com e.g.


Xah ∑ xahlee.org ☄

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